Fruit tree planting in Haverford West - January  2015

Pembrey Country Park Making Ponds January 2015

Pembrey Country Park mending Fences ready for cattle February 2015

Old fence on collapsed sand dunes

Lunch times view

Pembrey Country Park The Ponds are filling February 2015

Fruit tree planting in Haverford West - February  2015

Capel Libanus March 2015

May 2015 Colby Estate Footpath ranger

Help maintain and improve the public access footpath network on the Colby Estate. Work both independently and with our garden and estate team to keep our lovely woodlands freely accessible to everyone.

Pembrey Burrows June 2015 - Wildlife (Picture thanks to Veronica)


Bee Orchid

Baby grass snake


Hunting for the Strandline Beetle in the mist!

Well done Brian!- the only one to be found